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Meth Lab Testing & Decontamination Service in Idaho Falls

Need your new home or rental propertyTested for prior meth lab use?

Meth Lab Cleanup Service in Idaho Falls

It’s illegal to make, deal or possess methamphetamine (commonly called meth or crank) in Idaho Falls. As such it’s not uncommon to find residential properties in Idaho Falls that may at one point were used as illegal clandestine meth labs.

While law enforcement officers may carry away all the chemicals and other lab-related equipment from such properties, various contaminants may remain on different surfaces including walls, floors, sinks, drains, furniture, and ventilation systems.

The adverse effects of exposure to meth contaminants include eye, throat, and skin irritation, sleeplessness, difficulty in breathing, anxiety, irritability, nausea, persistent coughs, and more. 

But there’s a solution!

If you suspect that your property may be meth contaminated, you can engage meth lab cleanup professionals for decontamination. 

Healthy Home Environmental Services is your local meth lab remediation expert in Idaho Falls. Whether it’s a new home or an apartment, we’ll provide comprehensive meth lab and abatement services so you can enjoy a healthy indoor environment.

What is Meth Lab Cleanup?

It is the process of cleaning and decontaminating a property that was used as a clandestine meth lab or housed meth users. To attain the stipulated indoor air quality levels, meth lab cleanup professionals undertake specific cleaning procedures and tests to guarantee complete safety. These procedures include HVAC cleaning and sealing, washing surfaces, clearance sampling, and repainting.

What Can You Expect From Healthy Home Environmental Services Meth Lab Cleanup

Quality Assurance

We perform professional property inspections, use validated sampling kits, and complete the methamphetamine residue testing in an accredited laboratory. Additionally, we document the entire process and provide you with a comprehensive report.

Effective Cleanup Process

Our remediation incorporates the local authority meth lab cleanup guidelines that have been proven effective in improving indoor air quality in former clandestine meth labs.

Cost-effective Cleanup Process

We incorporate several cleanup procedures and residue tests so you don’t have to contract different companies to complete the process.

Our Meth Lab Testing & Decontamination Process

Our cleanup process follows these three steps:

1. Testing

We conduct professional interior and exterior inspections and research the available law enforcement records to assist us to set the course for sample collection and the entire cleaning process. The samples undergo certified lab testing in an accredited facility for reliable and comprehensive results.

2. Cleanup/Decontamination

Cleanup starts with the removal of any contaminated furnishings, furniture, and any other hazardous materials for disposal in a waste facility as stipulated under state laws

Surfaces including walls, floors, and ceilings are HEPA-vacuumed, detergent-washed, scrubbed, and finally rinsed with clean water to eliminate heavier contamination.

3. Clearance Testing

We conduct post-clearance sampling for lab testing to prove that the property has achieved the stipulated re-occupancy clearance levels.

Meth Lab Cleanup Services in Idaho Falls You Can Trust

If you’ve purchased a property that was used as a meth lab for residential or commercial purposes or you’re a building manager seeking to de-list a property, look no further than Healthy Home Environmental Services.

We offer professional and cost-effective meth lab clean-up services for homes and businesses throughout Idaho Falls. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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