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Radon Testing & Mitigation in Jackson

Quality Radon Testing & Mitigation in Jackson, WY

Quality Radon Testing & Mitigation in Jackson, WY

Jackson is a top vacation destination tucked away in Jackson Hole Valley, Teton County. The town is home to three ski resorts and two national parks making it the perfect place to enjoy all-year-round adventure. Some popular activities include horse riding tours, white water rafting, skiing, snowmobiling, and sleigh rides through the stunning National Elk Refuge.

The State of Wyoming is considered a Zone 1 area — it has the highest potential for elevated radon levels. About 41.6% of homes in Teton County tested have elevated radon levels. Whether you’re a homeowner, a commercial or industrial property owner, or you’re looking to sell land in Jackson, you need to test your property for radon to ensure the safety of your loved ones or employees.
For radon services in Jackson you can trust, turn to NRPP-certified radon professionals at Healthy Home Environmental Services.

Radon Testing in Jackson, WY

We offer quality short and long-term electric radon testing services for homes, businesses, and real estate transaction support in Jackson, WY. Our radon experts consider your unique property design and utilize their extensive knowledge and cutting-edge technology to give you the most accurate results in the shortest time possible. 

Radon is colorless, odorless, and tasteless. The only way you can confirm radon levels on your property is through testing. Since there are no safe levels of radon exposure, enlisting the help of radon professionals to know the actual status of your property is the only way to go. 

If you’re concerned about radon levels on your Jackson property, don’t take chances. Contact HHE for accurate radon testing services at affordable rates.

Radon Testing in Jackson, WY

Radon Mitigation in Jackson, WY

The EPA recommends installing radon mitigation measures for properties with levels above 4 piC/L. At Healthy Home Environmental Services, we help property owners install custom mitigation systems that successfully reduce radon to the lowest levels possible. Our radon mitigation specialties include crawl spaces, basements, slab-on-grade, and multi-pipe systems. Additionally, we install passive pre-construction radon mitigation systems to guarantee safe indoor air for your family or employees.

When you choose HHE as your radon mitigation company, you get extra services like ice dam screens, painted exhaust piping, trim and exit collars, and a 5-year fan guarantee!

You can count on us to install your mitigation system in a way that blends with your property’s exterior without compromising functionality. Our goal is to install the system right so you can relax knowing that you are safe from the radioactive gas. Contact us today to get started.

The Benefits of Working With HHE

Certified Radon Experts

Our team is NRPP-certified with years of experience in conducting radon testing in homes, commercial buildings, land, and water wells.

High-Quality Testing Services

Every property is different and we utilize customized testing techniques that cover your unique space for the most accurate results.

Comprehensive Mitigation Systems

Our comprehensive mitigation services include sealing any cracks on your property and installing a long-term mitigation system for the best results.

Post-Mitigation Testing

We don’t install a radon mitigation system on your property and disappear. We conduct 2-4 day and 91-day post-mitigation tests to ensure your system is running effectively.

Radon Testing and Mitigation FAQs

For non-real estate transactions, you can use a home kit to conduct the test yourself. However, radon experts can help verify your DIY results by conducting a professional test and offering advice on the best mitigation measures for your property.

A standard mitigation system can bring down radon levels within the first 24 hours and maintain the low levels as long as the fan operates at optimum efficiency.

A highly functional radon mitigation system in a house with good closure and sealing of any openings can remove radon by up to 99%!