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Water Testing in Idaho Falls

Have you noticed a strange odor or cloudy formation in your water? The knee-jerk reaction would be to treat the water so you can make it ‘safer’ for your family or business operations. But under what parameters would you base your water treatment solutions?

In some cases, Idaho water contains a variety of water contaminants. As such it’s critical to take the guesswork out of your water quality analysis and base your water testing on facts.

While there are modern technologies that you can use to test chemicals in small water concentrations including test strips and hand-held digital meters, these kits cannot compare to a sample analyzed in a laboratory setting in terms of contaminant coverage and result accuracy.

Healthy Home Environmental Services offers comprehensive residential and commercial water testing services in Idaho Falls. No matter the reason that propels you to test your water, we’ll help you conduct efficient testing and treatment so you can get back your peace of mind.

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Why Choose HHE Water Testing Services

Cost-efficient Water Testing and Treatment Solutions

Our water testing and treatment solutions save you time, money, and the headache of contracting different companies to achieve the results you need.

We Help you Resolve the Issues

Apart from water testing services, you can rely on us for proper interpretation of the results as well as guidance on how to resolve issues that may have been discovered during the testing process. We offer water treatment services that meet your unique needs so you can have long-term peace of mind.

Specialized Laboratory Testing

The water samples we collect from your home or business premises are tested in a specialized lab to give you accurate results.

Wide Contaminant Coverage

As water testing professionals, we know exactly what to look for in the water depending on your location or recent water-related events. Our contaminant coverage includes testing for Coliform, E.Coli, Legionella, and many more.

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Get Your Water Tested For:

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Our Water Testing Process

Our water testing process follows these three steps:

1. Sample Collection

We pull a viable water sample and send it to the laboratory for testing.

2. Specialized Laboratory Testing

We offer varying water testing services and depending on your area, we put in requests for specific tests so we can get you comprehensive results. 

3. Results Presentation and Treatment Recommendations

We present the results to you and recommend the appropriate water treatment solutions that will help resolve the water issues. 

Contact HHE for Water Testing Services You Can Trust

There are many reasons you may want to test your tap water or well including flooding, a pesticide spill, or an odd water odor. Whichever concern you may have, Healthy Home Environmental Services is here to put your mind at ease.

We offer the most comprehensive and accurate tap and well water testing services in Idaho Falls. Based on the results, we recommend and install treatment solutions that will cater to your home or business needs. 

Don’t stay in the unknown or treat your water based on guesswork! Contact us today and let’s take you through the water testing process so you can regain confidence in your next sip of water.