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Asbestos was a regular component in construction materials due to its strength and heat-resistant properties. It has since been discontinued after its destabilized airborne particles were linked to serious health risks such as asbestosis, progressive lung disease, lung cancer, and mesothelioma.

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What is Asbestos Abatement?

Asbestos abatement describes every process required to effectively manage the risks associated with asbestos on your property. Abatement is necessary on any building being renovated, demolished, or constructed to ensure it remains in a healthy, livable condition.

It encompasses asbestos encapsulation, removal, survey, and disposal of asbestos. To understand and adequately address the risk of asbestos exposure on your property, you need to engage a professional asbestos abatement service provider.

At Healthy Home Environmental Services, we provide the best asbestos removal services in Idaho Falls. We are experienced, skilled, and equipped in all things related to asbestos abatement.

Benefits of HHE Asbestos Abatement Services

Superior Abatement Techniques

As EPA-certified asbestos specialists, we conduct well-tested and proven abatement measures that follow the AHERA and ASHARA regulations to help you achieve a safe environment for your family or employees.

Guaranteed Success

With our top-tier training and specialized equipment, you can rest assured that we’ll not spare any effort in ensuring we achieve the recommended safe OSHA levels.

Customized Abatement Solutions

Depending on the amount of asbestos on your property, we implement a customized abatement plan that may include encapsulation, for instance, to yield the best results.

Rebuilding Support

We facilitate rebuilding support on most projects where there is extensive removal of property structures due to high levels of asbestos.

Professional Asbestos Abatement Process

At Healthy Home Environmental Services, we offer superior and reliable asbestos abatement services for homes and commercial buildings in Idaho Falls. 

We follow these critical steps:

1. Scrutinizing the Abatement Plan

We peruse the industrial hygienist’s plan for the preparation, treatment, and cleanup of the area as well as the regulations that guide the process.

2. Area Demarcation

We mark off the hazardous area and ensure that all occupants are kept off the premises until the process is complete and the building passes the safety clearance tests.

3. Establishing a Regulated Working Area

This involves disabling the HVAC system, sealing off air ducts, and the areas outside the containment zone with a thick plastic sheet coupled with filtration and pressure differential to prevent ventilation breaches.

4. Material Removal

Using specialized equipment and other wet cleanup tools, we remove all contaminated materials and place them in well-labeled disposal bags for removal through a well-insulated decontamination unit.

5. HEPA Vacuuming

We use specially designed vacuums with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration systems to contain asbestos fibers and clean up the surfaces.

6. Deep Cleaning

Once all the contaminated materials have been removed and all the surfaces vacuumed, we deep clean the surface area to remove any debris or residue. The industrial hygienist will then conduct clearance air sampling as required by law.

7. Post Cleanup

When we achieve the required safety clearance, we remove all the containment barriers and HEPA vacuum the area again.

8. Report Handover

After completion, we hand over the report containing details of the site logs, waste disposal records, and other project details. Additionally, you’ll receive copies of the inspection, laboratory results, and analysis from your industrial hygiene firm for safekeeping.

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Whether you are remodeling, demolishing, or constructing, Healthy Home Environmental Services will hold your hand through the asbestos abatement process. We offer customized and efficient abatement services for homes and businesses that guarantee a safe and healthy living environment.

 Contact us today. We guarantee to handle your asbestos problem with the skill and care it requires. 

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