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Biohazard Services in Idaho Falls

Biohazardous waste can be scary, traumatizing, and risky when not handled under strict safety standards. Unlike normal house cleaning, biohazard cleanups require extreme discretion, expertise, and specialized equipment. 

For instance, blood stains or bodily fluids on a crime scene may be filled with bloodborne pathogens (BBP) and biohazards that may contain diseases such as Hepatitis and highly infectious microbes. As such, professional biohazard decontamination is necessary to keep everyone safe. 

Further, improper biohazard cleanup may result in additional damage, especially when spot cleaning is done to clear the waste. Topical solutions may miss blood or fluids pooled beneath things like carpets and floors which may result in odors and the growth of bacterial colonies. 

At Healthy Home Environmental Services we offer professional and scientific-based biohazard cleanup services in Idaho Falls. Our cleanup specialists are thorough, discreet, and safety-focused to carry out swift biohazard remediation services.

biohazard cleanup services in idaho falls

Why Choose HHE Biohazard Cleanup Services

Here is what you can expect from us:

Quick and Effective Cleanup Process

We guarantee our clients a complete cleanup that leaves zero evidence of the event that took place. With our superior training and the latest equipment, we can handle all crime scene biohazards efficiently.

24/7 Cleanup Services

Whether day or night, you can rely on us for effective and discreet crime scene cleanup services. Our team is always ready to help you resolve the matter quickly anywhere across Idaho Falls.

Adherence to High Precautionary Measures

Due to the waste sensitivity, we undertake all the necessary precautions including putting on the full protective gear, proper disposal of the biological waste, and retesting the property where necessary to ensure that all traces have been eliminated.

Rebuilding Facilitation

We assist in making your property functional again by undertaking or facilitating any restoration works you may need including structural repairs and reorganization services.

bio hazard clean up


Our Biohazard Cleanup Process

1. Property Inspection

We begin by conducting a professional assessment of the property to mark every trace of the biohazard materials, The process may involve stripping and removing floorboards and walls to test for hidden contaminants. With this information, we can craft a foolproof cleaning and remediation plan.

2. Cleanup and Decontamination

We contain and clean up all bodily fluids and other potentially biohazardous materials. Once all the waste is well disposed of, we commence the decontamination process through further cleaning and disinfecting all affected areas to eliminate any microbes. In the case the area has an odor, we deodorize it as well.

Contact HHE for Biohazard Cleanup Services You Can Trust

Whether it’s a crime scene or a space contaminated with a communicable disease, you can trust Healthy Home Environmental Services to discreetly and expertly get the job done.

With years of experience in biohazard remediation, our team is properly trained and certified to handle your biohazard cleanup needs while maintaining the utmost safety standards.

Our customer-focused services are guaranteed to leave you satisfied and comfortable that all is well with the decontaminated property. 

Contact us today and let’s make your residential or business premises livable again!

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