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Disinfection Services in Idaho Falls

Human touch accounts for 80% of all infections. Prioritizing residential and commercial disinfection services ensures that you eliminate stubborn viruses, such as coronavirus, and other dangerous microbes that can cause serious infections and illnesses. 

Frequently touched places such as door knobs, walls, handrails, light switches, and desktops should be disinfected regularly. 

While the usual daily cleaning may help reduce germs on these surfaces, it may not get the job done entirely. As such, it’s important to engage a professional home and business disinfection service to leverage their expertise in maintaining the highest safety standards.

At Healthy Home Environmental Services we offer the best disinfection services in Idaho Falls. We apply the latest technology and recommended CDC guidelines to give you comprehensive and reliable professional disinfection services to keep your loved ones and customers safe.

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What You Can Expect from HHE Disinfection Services

A 100% Guaranteed Effective Disinfection Process

We only use disinfectants that are proven to provide a 99.99% kill rate and the latest application technology to guarantee you the best possible health safety.

Non-Harmful Disinfectant Solutions

Our disinfection products are non-allergic and non-flammable which means they do not pose any harm to your family, employees, or customers. Additionally, our products do not leave a visible residue which gives you extra confidence that the disinfectant will not add any extra concerns.

Convenient Scheduled or Emergency Disinfection Services

We provide scheduled and emergency disinfection services. We understand that you may require this service urgently, especially if there is evidence of illness or you need to move into new premises in the shortest time possible.

Adherence to Full COVID-19 Disinfection Protocols

Whether there has been a COVID-19 incident in your home or office or you’re simply taking precautionary measures, you can trust our fully-PPE-geared team to disinfect your space with electrostatic application technology to keep the virus away.

Affordable Services

We offer affordable one-time or recurring home and business disinfection services without compromising on the efficacy of the process.

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Our Disinfection Service Process

1. Inspection

We conduct a professional inspection of the house or business premises to identify key problem areas and to assist us to map out a disinfection application plan.

2. Cleaning

Effective disinfection can only be achieved on clean surfaces. That’s why we first thoroughly clean all the rooms starting with the frequently touched surfaces to the inconspicuous narrow corners.

3. Disinfection

We apply the disinfectant solutions using powerful dispersal technology for maximum reach on all surfaces. The disinfectant begins to work immediately to kill harmful microbes and mitigate further contamination.

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Does your home or business require professional disinfection services?

 At Healthy Home Environmental Services we are equipped and have licensed specialists with years of experience in providing affordable and effective disinfection services for all types of microbes including COVID-19 in Idaho Falls.

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