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Asbestos Testing in Idaho Falls

Do you have an Asbestos Problem?

A decade ago, Asbestos was a much sought-after construction material due to its heat resistance properties which made it ideal for thermal insulation. 

However, the use of asbestos has declined significantly due to the serious health risks it poses such as asbestosis (progressive lung disease), lung cancer, and mesothelioma.

Idaho Falls Asbestos testing and abatement

Asbestos Abatement Before & After

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Why You Should Test A Structure for Asbestos

Commercial and residential buildings in Idaho Falls tend to have traces of asbestos that are generally harmless. You’ll tend to find asbestos on wall insulation, plumbing fixtures, electrical panels, oil and coal furnaces, roofing shingles, and many other areas. 

However, activities such as remodeling, renovations, and demolition often destabilize the asbestos. Such activities break it down into fine fibers and particles which are categorized as class A carcinogens that lead to diverse health complications. 

Therefore, it’s important to engage professionals for inspection and testing on your property to determine whether to carry out asbestos abatement or remediation.

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Professional Asbestos Testing Process

At Healthy Home Environmental Services, we offer superior and reliable asbestos testing services for homes and commercial buildings in Idaho Falls. 

We follow these critical steps:

1. Site assessment 

2. A visual inspection of the key area or enclosure

3. Conducting the air test within the enclosure

4. Dismantling the enclosure for a post-testing inspection

5. Handing over the test results 

We take every precaution to safely conduct an accurate testing process to guarantee a healthy indoor environment for your family or employees.

Asbestos Specialities


Don’t get caught with your demo work at the landfill without negative asbestos tests!


You deserve to know that you’re not breathing a class A carcinogen.


Burned buildings and homes need to be tested by AHERA-certified professionals before disposal.

Clearance Testing

Make sure the other guys did a good job!

What You Can Expect from HHE Asbestos Testing Services

Superior Asbestos Testing Services

As AHERA-certified inspectors with years of expertise, we conduct professional inspections and accurate testing services across Idaho Falls. We can handle testing for residential, commercial, industrial, and governmental buildings.

Expedited Testing Services

We offer expedited testing analysis for clients that require feedback earlier than our normal report schedule.

Strict Adherence to EPA and AHERA Protocols

We complete our tests in strict adherence to the AHERA and ASHARA guidelines under the EPA Asbestos Laws and Regulations to guarantee accurate tests and reports.

Affordable Asbestos Testing Services

At Healthy Home Environmental, we believe asbestos testing service is vital for our client’s safety. That’s why we provide affordable testing services irrespective of the project's scope without compromising on safety and security. We simply do not overtest to make a profit!

Quick Results Turnaround

We do not keep you waiting! After completing the test, we will provide you with the results in the shortest time possible.

Long-term Tests

Not only do our accurate tests give you peace of mind but you can also use the asbestos test report to attract potential buyers when you decide to put up your property for sale.

Contact HHE for Asbestos Services in Idaho Falls You Can Rely On

Are you concerned about asbestos exposure in your home or business? Or are you looking to undertake structural changes like renovation or remodeling? Our certified asbestos testing professionals at Healthy Home Environmental Services will help you get through the asbestos testing process safely.

We are the trusted company for fast and efficient testing services all across Idaho Falls. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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