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Radon Mitigation in Idaho Falls

Radon is a radioactive gas formed from the natural breakdown of uranium in rocks, soil, and water. It silently creeps into a building’s living spaces through cracks in the walls and floors or leaks in the piping and plumbing systems. 

Over time, the gas forms part of the indoor air which puts the occupants on the property at risk of developing lung cancer. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that radon causes about 21,000 lung cancer deaths every year and is the second leading cause of lung cancer after cigarette smoke. 

Many areas in Idaho have high radon levels and therefore, the local government considers it a major public health concern. Since there is no safe level of radon exposure, the EPA recommends property owners undertake mitigation measures for levels between 2.0 pCi/L – 4.0 pCi/L

At Healthy Home Environmental Services, we offer custom radon mitigation in Idaho Falls for homes and businesses. We conduct a structural survey of your property and install the best mitigation system to help reduce radon concentration in the indoor air and expel it safely.

Radon Mitigation System Before & After

radon mitigation before and after photo

What You Can Expect From HHE Radon Mitigation Services

Proper Mitigation System Installation

Our NRPP-certified experts at Healthy Home Environmental utilize the highest mitigation system installation practices to give you a fully-functional and beautiful system.

Custom Mitigation Specialties

We offer a variety of fan-powered radon mitigation systems including basement, crawlspace, slab-on-grade, and multi-pipe systems. We design a mitigation system depending on the components in your building to guarantee success in the reduction of radon levels.

Post Mitigation Assessment

Conducting a post-mitigation assessment helps us ensure that the system is effectively reducing the radon levels as expected.

Pre-Construction Mitigation System Installation

We install radon mitigation systems in new buildings so your loved ones or employees can live radon-free.

Our Radon Mitigation Process

Our radon mitigation process follows these four steps:

1. Property Inspection

A professional inspection helps us to identify the property’s design components and specific radon entry points so we can design the appropriate mitigation system that meets your needs.

2. Sealing Cracks in the Foundation and Floors

Sealing the cracks in the foundation, floors, and walls ensures that the gas does not escape the mitigation system.

3. System Installation

The installation process varies slightly depending on the system. However, for a basement or crawl space system, the procedure involves drilling a hole, connecting a PVC pipe, and installing a fan at the top of the structure to safely direct the gas away from the indoor environment.

4. Post-Mitigation Testing

We perform post-mitigation tests to check the changes in the radon levels and the effectiveness of the mitigation system.

Our Radon Mitigation Specialities

Basement Radon Systems

Crawlspace Radon Systems

Slab on Grade Systems

Multi-pipe Systems

Radon testing and mitigation in Jackson

The Extra HHE Touch

Contact HHE for Radon Mitigation Services You Can Trust

Radon is a silent carcinogen found in many areas across Idaho and by investing in a mitigation system, you create a safe indoor environment for your loved ones or employees

At Healthy Home Environmental Services we are committed to providing the best radon mitigation services in Idaho Falls. We offer various aesthetic packages to blend in with your  residential or commercial space. 

Contact us today and let’s mitigate your space against the harmful effects of radon exposure!