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Water Damage Restoration in Idaho Falls

Need Help With Winter Water Damage?

At Healthy Home Environmental Services we know that the winter months in Southeast Idaho can be hard on your home. If you are experiencing any of the following, please give us a call right away!


Water damage in your property is one of the worst scenarios that any homeowner can imagine. Unfortunately, all disasters are accompanied by water damage. Whether it is a flood, a burst pipe, a leaky roof, or a house fire, the homeowner will have to endure water damage. It is best to deal with the restoration process fast to ensure minimal damage by the water.

If you are a resident of Idaho Falls dealing with water damage and need an experienced water damage restoration company, Healthy Home Environmental is the place to call. We provide thorough property restoration services to property owners in Idaho Falls when they are faced with water damage.

When anybody hears water damage restoration, they may assume it means stopping the cause and cleaning any visible damage. However, there is much more involved because water damage is intrusive and harmful to the house in many ways.

Water Damage Restoration Before & After

water damage remediation before and after HHE Idaho Falls

Types of Water/Flood Damage

Primary damage – Refers to the visible damage and that which can be detected by moisture meters. Examples of this are wet carpets, damaged flooring, or wet drywall.

Secondary damage – Refers to damage that is more extensive and often caused by water remaining unremoved from the property for a while after the water damage incident. It could be water seeping into wooden floors causing weak spots, swollen doorposts, or cracked walls.

Long-term damage – Refers to extreme water damage. For instance, rotting of walls or floors, mold growing in certain parts of the house, etc. If not handled well, the long-term damage can lead to deterioration of the house.

Our Water Damage Restoration Process

1. Mitigation

  • Complete Extraction – whether it’s an inch deep or 10 feet deep
  • All Types of Water Covered – Whether it’s tap water or sewer
  • Specialty Drying – For hardwood floors, tile, wall cavities and much more
  • Super-Fast Drying Options – Bringing Humidity in the air to under 10% for drying faster than thought possible
  • We follow the IICRC standards

2. Restoration

  • You decide what items you would like to keep or dispose of (even in sewer floods!)
  • Facilitation of Specialty Restoration Projects – Books, Rugs, Linens, Musical Instruments

3. Rebuild

  • Choose From Our Recommended Builders as We Facilitate Completion
  • Choose Us – For Many Projects
  • Experience Normal Again

Our Water Damage Specialties


Crawl Spaces

  •  We use dehumidifiers made for unconditioned spaces like crawlspaces.
  •  We focus on speed, as crawlspaces are extra susceptible to mold and microbial growth.
flooded crawlspace contractor
flooded basement contractor


  • Extraction of high volumes of water is our forte.
  • Using the best dehumidifiers for lower levels of the home.


  • We do all we can to save the floor, the bath, and the cabinetry.
  • We get the bathroom safe to use again as quickly as possible.
broken pipe repair

Frozen Pipes

  • We offer frozen pipe repair and replacement services to Idaho Falls and the surrounding areas. 
  • A broken pipe can happen at any time and that’s why we offer immediate and reliable water pipe repair services.
serving the client

Putting You First