Inspection • Remediation • Rebuild

Mold Damage Restoration in Idaho Falls

Our Process

1. Inspection

  • Comprehensive Remediation Protocol
  • Explanations and Consultations – Know what we are doing and why we are doing it, and most importantly, have a say in all of it.
  • Air Sample Tests, Analyses, and Explanations

2. Remediation

  • Fast and Focused Killing the Mold – Application of Anti-microbial.
  • Removing the Mold
  • Covering Substrate and Residual Dead Spores – Application of Mold Encapsulant
  • Protective Enclosures – Safe For You, Safe For Us

3. Rebuild

  • Choose From Our Recommended Builders as We Facilitate Completion
  • Choose Us – For Many Projects
  • Experience Normal Again


Attic Mold

 Single Day Treatments for Attics Less Than 1000 Square Feet

 Lifetime No-Regrowth Guarantee

 Rush Options Available for Real Estate Transactions

attic mold
crawlspace mold

Crawlspace Mold

 Single Day Treatments for Most Crawlspaces

 Protective Barriers Installed to Keep the Indoor Air Safe

 Rush Options Available for Real Estate Transactions

Clearance Testing

Great History of Honest and Constant Clearance Testing for Other Companies Clearance Test Memoranda Available
clearance testing
mold consultation


 Over-the-phone consultation is always free of charge.

 We will gladly look at pictures in email.

 No pushy salespeople here, just friendly US-based staff ready to answer questions.

Mold Remediation Before & After

Mold remediation before and after pics