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Mold Damage Remediation in Idaho Falls

Is your home under attack from Mold? Let us help you fight back!

No matter the extent of the contamination or the hard to reach locations, a mold presence in your home requires immediate attention. Health conditions and property damage can reach catastrophic levels if mold expansion is left unchecked.

For home and property owners in Idaho Falls, HHE Idaho Falls provides a timely and effective mold remediation service. Our fast mold removal and comprehensive restoration make us the leading Mold Remediation service — call (208) 535-3289 and arrange for a FREE estimate for our superior services!

Mold Damage Remediation Before & After

Mold remediation before and after pics

Our Mold Remediation Process

1. Inspection

  • Comprehensive Remediation Protocol
  • Explanations and Consultations – Know what we are doing and why we are doing it, and most importantly, have a say in all of it.
  • Air Sample Tests, Analyses, and Explanations

2. Remediation

  • Fast and Focused Killing the Mold – Application of Anti-microbial.
  • Removing the Mold
  • Covering Substrate and Residual Dead Spores – Application of Mold Encapsulant
  • Protective Enclosures – Safe For You, Safe For Us

3. Rebuild

  • Choose From Our Recommended Builders as We Facilitate Completion
  • Choose Us – For Many Projects
  • Experience Normal Again


Attic Mold

 Single Day Treatments for Attics Less Than 1000 Square Feet

 Lifetime No-Regrowth Guarantee

 Rush Options Available for Real Estate Transactions

attic mold
crawlspace mold

Crawlspace Mold

 Single Day Treatments for Most Crawlspaces

 Protective Barriers Installed to Keep the Indoor Air Safe

 Rush Options Available for Real Estate Transactions

Clearance Testing

Great History of Honest and Constant Clearance Testing for Other Companies Clearance Test Memoranda Available
clearance testing
mold consultation


 Over-the-phone consultation is always free of charge.

 We will gladly look at pictures in email.

 No pushy salespeople here, just friendly US-based staff ready to answer questions.

Common Questions about Mold Remediation

Mold is a hardy plant adapted to life in all types of environments. Like most types of fungi, molds produce by spreading spores far and wide. These microscopic spores are everywhere and only need the smallest amount of moisture to spawn a thriving colony. These colonies can then produce more spores and the cycle continues.

Mold can be found anywhere the situation is suitable for a new colony. Most often, molds are found around vents, within the substructures of the home, near appliances that use water, in bathrooms, and anywhere else where spores are provided with suitable living conditions.

A mold presence can contribute to an unhealthy atmosphere in the home. Once old colonies are established across the home, they begin to deteriorate the materials where they live and fill the air with spores so that more colonies can grow. Combined with spores in the air, dust mites will soon be attracted to moldy conditions and the noxious atmosphere can affect health.

Headaches and respiratory conditions are some of the common health conditions caused by exposure to moldy environments. Molds can also deteriorate your property and the structures of your home. If the damage reaches a serious level extensive restoration services will be needed.

At HHE Idaho Falls, our mold remediation process works to restore residential, commercial, and industrial locations to their original conditions before the mold presence. Here are some of the steps in our process:

Inspection — the first thing we will do is test your location to ascertain the level of contamination. This way when we are finished you will have irrefutable proof that the mold threat has been mitigated.

Containment — the entire location will be sealed off with negative air chambers and physical barriers. This way the flighty little spores can be effectively collected and disposed of.

Air Filtration — HEPA filters are used extensively throughout the process. HEPA filters connected to the HVAC system and our HEPA-filtered vacuums will do much to reduce the contamination.

Restoration — there may be sections of your home that have become damaged by the mold presence. This could include portions or walls, ceilings, and floors. If the permeation has become deep, we will remove these portions of the home and replace them with new materials.

Stop Mold with Mold Remediation by Healthy Home Environmental Idaho Falls

Mold is bad news for your health and your property. Our fast comprehensive mold remediation services eliminate this threat and reverse the damage done to your property. Call us today at (208) 535-3289 for more information and a FREE estimate for your property and project.