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Do You Have a Pesky Pigeon Problem?

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Need a Bird Deterrent System for your Home or Business?

Birds are not typically looked at as an invasive pest, especially in southeast Idaho. However, there are unique instances where pigeons or other urban dwelling birds can become a nuisance. Not only are they an eye sore and difficult to deal with, but the ugly mess left behind by their constant pooping may corrode your roof leading to expensive repairs and replacements.

Worse still, birds might nest near your HVAC unit which may cause feathers carrying lice and other pests to circulate into your house. Such feathers can lead to the spread of over 60 diseases such as Salmonella, Psittacosis, and other fungal infections.

While you may try to mitigate this problem through constant cleaning, roof maintenance, and repairs, you may end up frustrated in the long run by the recurring expenses involved.

That’s where Healthy Home Environmental Services comes in.

For years, we have offered local clients the best pigeon/ bird control services in Idaho Falls. We specialize in custom bird netting mitigation to solve your bird problems and keep them from ever flocking on your home or business again.

Bird Control Before & After

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Why Choose Healthy Home Environmental Services

We Use a Non-Chemical Process

Our process is non-toxic and chemical-free. We apply a non-harmful customized bird netting approach that is safe for humans and other animals in your compound.

Custom Netting for Your Home or Business

We set up netting designed to mitigate specific types of birds so we can successfully keep them from nesting in your home or business as well as protect other non-target species.

High Rate of Success

Bird netting provides an immediate and effective solution as 100% of the birds are forced to move to other locations.

A Cost-effective Approach

Our bird-netting mitigation approach provides an affordable, long-term, and low-maintenance solution to your problem without exposing the birds to harm.

Our Bird Control Process

At Healthy Home Environmental Services, we believe that you deserve the most professional bird control services in Idaho Falls. As such, our company upholds a customer-centric culture filled with professionalism and clear communication.

When our well-trained bird control experts arrive on your property, you can expect the following service process:

1. Testing

Here, we gather specific details about the bird problem which include:

  • The bird species
  • Reasons why the birds are on your property
  • All their entry points
  • Where the birds are feeding, nesting, and roosting

The details assist us to customize the netting process to your individual needs for a 100% success rate.

2. Cleanup

We perform a thorough cleanup of the bird material including poop, feathers, and nests to leave you with a squeaky clean area.

3. Install Deterrent System

We set up the netting to enclose the problem area and any routes the birds may use to access the area.

Pigeon/Bird Control Services in Idaho Falls You Can Trust

At Healthy Home Environmental Services, we understand that a lot is at stake when dealing with pesky birds. That said, we offer a fast and effective mitigation approach to minimize damage to your property.

Whether it’s pigeons or any other bird species, we have the expertise to provide bird-proofing services that will eliminate the problem for many years to come.

Contact us today and let’s help you get back control of your home.

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