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Lead Abatement

For decades, lead-based paints were a popular choice for many painters because of their color quality and durability. For houses built in that period, there is a possibility that some or all of the rooms may contain lead-based paint beneath the recent coatings.

It’s also well known that once the ban was enforced in the late 1970s, many painters and builders who loved its quality stocked up on the paint as the ban did not cover the stock that already existed. This means that if your home or commercial property was built between the 1980s and early 1990s, it’s also likely there’s some lead paint there too.

Affordable Lead Abatement Services

Lead is ranked among the top ten public health concerns because some of its devastating effects on health can last for a lifetime. 

The dangerous lead dust is caused by the flaking, peeling, and chipping of lead-based paints found on walls, doors, door frames, and banisters. Children exposed to lead suffer permanent brain damage which often leads to severe learning disabilities. In adults, lead poisoning can cause brain, kidney, and reproductive health issues.   

Taking steps to get rid of the lead in your home or commercial property is the only way you can guarantee the safety of your loved ones or employees. Lead abatement professionals help to permanently remove all the lead contaminants and make your property safe for use.

Benefits of undertaking lead abatement include improved health for your family or employees, affordable property rehabilitation costs, and increased property value. 

If you suspect that you have a lead exposure situation on your hands, call Healthy Home Environmental Services. We are certified lead abatement experts with extensive experience in providing affordable and effective lead testing and lead paint removal services in Idaho Falls. 

Lead Abatement From Healthy Home Environmental Services

Our highly trained team has handled a variety of residential and commercial lead abatement projects across Idaho Falls. We understand that exposure to lead contaminants is a big concern for you and we are dedicated to helping you restore a healthy indoor environment.

When it comes to handling a hazardous contaminant like lead, you need quick and effective abatement services. HHE is your trusted one-stop-shop for quality lead abatement services and that’s what makes us the number one choice. And we understand that no one property is the same. Our goal is to provide a personalized and efficient action plan for the best outcome.

We conduct thorough lead testing with the utmost professionalism and compile the report in a simple format that’s easy for you to understand. Our specialists then proceed with the abatement and cleanup process. 

And from the moment you contact us to the time you get clearance to settle back into your space, you’ll receive courteous and friendly customer support every step of the way. 

A potential lead exposure concern can’t wait another day. Contact HHE professionals for full lead abatement services that will give you peace of mind and bring back comfort to your home.

Our Lead Abatement Process

Benefits of Healthy Home Environmental Lead Abatement Services

Timely Response

At HHE, we put our customers first. If your home or business requires urgent lead abatement services, we’ll be there within the day.

Professional Service

HHE is a certified lead testing and abatement company with all the prerequisite licenses required to practice in the State of Idaho. We have the training and the latest technology to remove lead-contaminated materials completely and safely.

Exceptional Customer Service

You can count on us to provide the information you need and address any concerns you may have.

Individualized Service

We recognize that your health depends on our work ethic. That’s why we evaluate and select the best abatement process that fits your unique situation for the best possible results.

Affordable Lead Abatement Services

Our services are available at pocket-friendly rates. Even better, we now offer affordable financing options to help you start your project right away.

For comprehensive lead abatement services, contact HHE today. Our first phone consultation is free!

Lead Abatement FAQs

Lead abatement is the process of permanently removing lead-based hazards on a property.
They are removal, encapsulation, enclosure, and replacement.
Yes. You can paint over lead paint but you need to take extra precautions not to disturb the lead paint and wear protective gear for your safety.
Lead paint removal requires careful attention and a strategic approach to remove it safely. That’s why we recommend leaving it to the experts.