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Bird deterrent system

Bird Deterrent Systems That Are Safe for Your Business

Bird pests can cause all sorts of problems for many businesses. From structural damage, food consumption and contamination, spreading of dangerous parasites and diseases, to their unsightly droppings. 

To solve this persistent problem, business owners are always looking to find the best deterrent systems that not only adhere to the wildlife laws, but are also humane and can provide lasting results.

Here are the bird deterrent systems that can get rid of bird pests safely on your business premises.

Bird Netting

Bird netting is a simple and highly effective solution. It discourages birds from roosting on your property without harming or trapping them. It’s a cost-effective solution that provides immediate results. And can be applied temporarily or as a lasting deterrent system.

Moreover, the bird net does not block natural light or block air from entering your business premises and comes with a variety of colors that can blend with your roof’s texture. 

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes have long narrow bases with blunt protruding spikes spaced closely together helping to deter birds like pigeons and gulls from perching without harming them. This versatile and customizable deterrent system can be strategically placed on beams, ledges, window sills, and railings serving as a long-term bird proofing strategy for your business.

The bird spikes are affordable, easy to install, require little maintenance, and don’t damage your property. It’s the discreet and effective solution you need to get rid of the pesky birds near your business.

Reflective Material

Placing reflective materials like mirror-like window panes, aluminum, or reflective paper, easily spooks birds and prevents them from perching on the building. It’s an easy bird deterrent solution that takes advantage of the bird’s sole navigation system, their eyesight. By reflecting the light to their eyes, the birds are scared away and forced to roost elsewhere. 

Acoustic Deterrents

Acoustic deterrents are products that can be fixed on strategic problem areas to produce distress calls and predator warning sounds. The sounds prompt birds to scatter to avoid the perceived threat and end up avoiding the area altogether. It can be customized to deter specific bird pests, making it a highly effective solution for businesses. 

Mechanical Deterrents

These include products like lasers and electrified tracks. Birds perceive lasers as a danger and veer off to find safer perching ground. With lasers, there is no habituation and the birds don’t get used to it which means the birds are kept away for good.

Electrified tracks give a harmless shocking sensation that teaches birds to stay away. Made from strong stainless steel and PVC, electrified tracks require little maintenance and provide effective and long-lasting service. It’s a reliable bird deterrent system that can conform to any surface shape to match your structure, making it one of the best discreet ways to deter birds. 

Bird-Proof Your Business With Healthy Home Environmental Services

Pesky birds can be persistent causing you to lose valuable working hours. At HHE, we offer fast and effective bird control services that eliminate the bird pest problem for good. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.